During these unprecedented times, the way we currently do business has changed, and is likely to look different going forward. Listening to the best advice available, and taking a pragmatic approach to enable our Bars, Hotels and Restaurants to open as soon as it is safe to do so, will be vital to the survival of many businesses. 

B Express served our first drink in April 2018, and developed a platform which delivers what it promises. The App gives any bar, pub or hotel the option to serve their customers at their table or at a designated collection point. You will have a streamline service that is tried, tested and trusted by both the customer and the businesses who have benefited from it. 

Keep your staff safe, by using the B Express App. The staff assemble the drinks at the collection point, then move a safe distance away and click a button on the tablets which B Express provide. This advises the customer to come and pick up their drinks.

For table service, the drinks are pre-ordered and pre-paid, so it is simply a matter of the staff serving to the relevant table. 

Avoid having people standing /queuing at the bar area, by implementing app service only. There is no need for staff to ever come in contact with cash, or even a card reader.  

You simply implement whatever option is applicable to your business based on Government advice. 

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