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26th January 2021


B Express Ltd combine with Review Hub to provide provide FREE Track and Trace

B Express are excited to announce the introduction of a FREE Track and Trace service for all B Express venues. The team are continually looking to improve our offering, and are excited to have the opportunity to work alongside Review Hub which has used the technology behind the Review Hubs since 2018.

We noticed that other businesses were charging venues to use QR Codes as a means to access Track and Trace. Although this will speed up the process for staff dramatically, the issue was that not every phone was able to read QR Codes without the need to download a separate QR Code reader. We found that the solution for Android users the use of NFC (Near Field Communication). Our combined solution is better and FREE.

Review Hub have been using NFC for several years helping businesses get feedback and improve Social media interaction with their customers. A customer simply hovers their phone over the Review Hub, and the android phone picks up the signal from the NFC chip.

Our combined solution now provides

✅ Free Track and Trace

✅ Free social media advice

✅ Free table service app with no setup fee - cut down on additional staff labour costs associated with table service

✅ Free menu setup - no limit to the amount of products and the venue edit and manage it going forward. We will always be there to help and advise if required

✅ No monthly charges to the venue

✅ Free to the customer

✅ FREE Updates - with big plans ahead based on the feedback we have gathered from staff, managers, owners and their customers.

✅ No hidden fees - the only charge to either the venue or the consumer is for the venue to pay the 1.4% + 20p. We use Stripe as the payment gateway fees to get their money into your account.

✅ Over 25,000 users with feedback positive and a high percentage of repeat users in various different bars. We are finding that customers are keeping B Express on their phones.

Our platform is built native to Apple and Android and the original concept built around stadiums and concerts. Scalability is not an issue, and unlike other web apps the wifi / data signal will not slow down our functionality.

A few venues that B Express is in :

- Cargo by Vertigo

- The Hatfield

- The Northern Whig

- Horatio Todds

- Thompsons

- Northern Lights

Managers / owners reviews are available for each venue. Reviews such as "The Hatfield" manager Richie describing the service and B Express platform as

"a lifesaver over the past 3 months"

What have you got to lose? There's no outlay and you are able to give your customers table service whilst maintaining similar staff labour costs of serving at the bar.

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